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SWEDACCESS helps companies to establish and develop their businesses in Peru, other fast growing markets in Latin America and Spain.


We offer the following services:


  • International marketing
  • International trade
  • Business Spanish courses
  • Business Culture 
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Translations and interpreter service





Short and long term projects

We are able to take on both short and long term projects although our main objective is to develop long term collaboration.



International marketing

We help make doing business internationally:

  • Fairs and exhibition events 
  • Market research
  • Choice of distributors and suppliers


International trading

We represent and work as agents for Swedish and overseas corporations. We market and sell products in Peru, other Hispanic countries in Latin America and Spain.

The sectors we operate in are: timber industry, mining, construction and energy sector.



Business Culture in Spain and Latin America

Corporations or organizations that wish to optimize their international customer collaboration benefit greatly from having knowledge and understanding of the specific culture. By eliminating the most flagrant mistakes our clients’ business trips are made more efficient and professional.



About Swedaccess

Swedacces is a consulting company within the international Business development sector. We help our customers to improve their sales and profits through greater understanding of countries’ business culture. With increased knowledge, companies can break cultural barriers and thereby build bridges between themselves and their customers.

Swedaccess combines professional expertise with experience in establishment and development of business in Peru, other Hispanic countries in Latin America and Spain.



Vice Minister of foreign trade, Pro inversión and Mincetur conclude business tour in Nordic countries. 

Vice minister Carlos Posada Ugaz, representatives of Mincetur and Pro Inversión met hundreds of businessmen of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


In the presence of 50 executives linked to diverse companies in Sweden, concluded today at the Business Sweden the promotion tour of investment opportunities in Peru which was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, and Pro Inversion.

27 September 2013



Colombia and Peru - tvo of the fastest growing markets in South America

A free-trade agreement with these two countries is expected to enter into force this year. Infrastructure is seen as one of the key drivers of grow in both markets.






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